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Why a headshot?

If you're like most people, you may answer with something like "my company said I needed one for our website" or "I need one for my business cards" or "I need to update my LinkedIn profile". These answers aren't wrong, but I'll ask again - WHY do you need an image for your website, cards, or LinkedIn? 

you never get a second chance...

You know how this cliche ends. The first impression - THIS is your "why". Your headshot is probably the first chance you have to make an impression on many potential clients. Like it or not, your headshot may be the difference between a click, a further read, and a potential new client contacting you, or back to Google to check out someone else who seems to have more expertise. What is your headshot saying about you?

So...why are you still using that old headshot or selfie?

I get it.  You're had photos taken before that you hated. You may not even be sure why - maybe something was off with your expression, your hands looked weird, or the angle was unflattering. In any case, it didn't project the image of the confident and capable professional you are.  It did nothing to increase your perceived level of expertise in the eyes of your potential clients. I've been there. I promise, there's a better way.

You need more than just looking good. You need a compelling image that will show your ideal client who you are, not just what you look like - and why YOU are the one to hire.

Houston headshot photographer

Hi, I'm Amanda...

...a Houston-based headshot and personal branding portrait photographer. I help entrepreneurs and executives create a strategic and powerful visual brand presence with up-leveled headshots and custom personal branding images.  I'll help you look confident, approachable, and even cool, so your potential clients will feel good about working with you, knowing that you are an expert in your field.

i've got the eye for expression.

That's what I hear time and again from my clients. I've worked with attorneys, physicians, accountants, investors, oil and gas executives, payment processing companies, clergy, real estate agents, investment firms...the list goes on and on. I've helped each of them come away with images that accurately reflect their level of expertise...and that they were proud to put out to the world. I'll help you do the same. 

I couldn’t believe it - within a week of posting my new headshot from Amanda on LinkedIn, I had FOUR new job offers! Unbelievable!
— Melissa W.

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